Karndean Flooring Northleach Gloucestershire

Karndean Flooring Northleach Gloucestershire

Karndean Flooring Northleach Gloucestershire We are the leading suppliers & installers of Karndean and Amtico flooring in Gloucestershire. Whether it’s for your business or your home, contact us today. Karndean Flooring Northleach Gloucestershire.

Karndean Flooring Northleach Gloucestershire is a vinyl flooring that looks as real as a floor despite being made of wood, stone, and slate. Even though it is made of such natural materials, it does not come with the same hassle that stone or wood flooring will bring; instead, it gives a modern and comfortable appearance. 

Why go for these Installations?


This lasts longer when compared to wood flooring despite having wood as part of its raw material. It has vinyl planks in its inner layers, making it solid and durable. It is also water and stain-resistant.

Easy maintenance

Since it is water and stain resistant, you can easily clean it when there are spills. It does not take in dust, so it can easily be swept or mopped.


It provides adequate comfort and warmth suitable for indoor flooring. It is not slippery except when wet, and it does not feel harsh against the skin.

Where to Use It

It is waterproof and harbors little dust and pests, so it is suitable for all rooms in the home. Its non-slippery and water-resistant nature make it ideal for the kitchen and the bathroom. So, it can be used for all rooms indoors and on stairs, but it is not ok for outdoor use.

Karndean Flooring Northleach Gloucestershire is not only suitable for residential places; it can also be used in office spaces, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and the like.

How to maintain 

Since it is water and stain-resistant, you can easily clean off water and dust on it. However, if you want to do a thorough cleaning, you can use Karndean cleaning products or go for pH-neutral cleaning products suitable for vinyl floors.

Can the Flooring be installed on existing floors?

Installing the floor requires a level, smooth and dry subfloor. SO, if your subfloor is not firm enough, you might need to get some work done before installing the Karndean Flooring Northleach Gloucestershire. You might not be able to determine this yourself; call on the installation company to help you decide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Vacuum Cleaner to clean my Karndean floor?

You have to be careful if you want to use a vacuum cleaner on the Karndean floor. A vacuum cleaner with the beater bar feature should not be used on the flooring. Only use the vacuum cleaner with a hard floor setting for the floor, and ensure to switch on the feature before using the vacuum.

How soon can I clean my Karndeaan floor after installation?

Wait for 24hours before cleaning your Karndean floor after installation. It does not accumulate much dirt, so it can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Get in touch with Flooring Suppliers

If you want quality flooring for your home, go for flooring. You are not limited to style and colors, and it lasts longer than some other flooring options. However, you can not fix Karndean Flooring Northleach Gloucestershire yourself; you will need professionals for the job.